Transmedia Campaigns

We make stories participatory through multiple platforms to engage audience in an immersive, entertaining and educational experience, allowing creation of narrative worlds.

Entertainment-Education Stories

We make entertaining narratives for media that educate the target audience, setting a new trend in transcending power of narratives to evoke dialogue and desired changes in the system.

Social Innovations

We transform complex systems with the use inclusion techniques, managing interactions and social inventiveness to form ‘new’ ways of problem solving and norms.

Research (Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact Assessment)

We don’t just design change but measure it quantitatively, qualitatively and employ new research methodologies that create ripples of change.

Consulting/Change Management

We drive change by creating more change designers. Being in new learning environments, organizations and diverse situations, designing change by harnessing potentials is our passion.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We help businesses grow by adopting innovative sustainable development and change mechanisms that benefit social environments. We make every effort and penny count!