We are searching for stories of change designers big and small—stories that bring the principles of positive “SHIFT” in the world. How are you changing the world? Or how has an organization or someone else’s SHIFT journey inspired you? Dig into the principles below and send in your favorite story!

SHIFTer is searching for stories that inspire us to be innovative to bring on change, be bold, take small and big steps to tackle the world’s biggest and smallest problems.


Tell us your SHIFTer story and check out what others are sharing!



Don’t we all spend most of our time listening, making and living stories? Stories are a very powerful way of telling your experiences and even more so when said and heard about the positive change in the world, no? Lets tell a story of change where you or any other person acted in a way that lead to change around them, something to be proud of. We all can SHIFT the world to be a better place with our stories. Do you have the power to bring emotions, people and experiences together?


Be a human, set a goal, and make history happen in the way you want to shape it. So many people and organizations take the regular path making very cautious changes or sometimes none. We all look for the best practices, solutions that worked in the past and then try to replicate more of it, right?

Let us SHIFT- SHIFTs that lead to incremental changes over time, insider experiments, SHIFTs that script the future, SHIFTs that create history!


Memorandums, and data do not bring change, people do! Let change not be an outsider’s fix. Innovative insiders who tackle the most complex problems of our time with their tiny tweaks or innovations to find unusual solutions do magic! Let your energy create SHIFTs – SHIFTs that evoke to focus on what excites you!


Failure teaches. Learn from it. No one seeks it out, but with innovation comes when we focus on the good. Innovation and change come from a place where every resource, every interaction is critical. And if everyone commits to sharing lessons from focusing on the good, we will all be stronger and more prepared to attack the next challenge.

Don’t overthink and overanalyze. Do. Sure, it’s natural to want to study a problem from all angles and ask questions like: What if we are wrong? What if there is a better way? These are important questions, but they can also paralyze us with negatives. Take ACTION, that’s a better way of adopting a new way of thinking. Focus, because focus pushes Transformation.


Transformation is hard and the actions we take either move us in the desirable direction or not. It doesn’t mean we have to move the planet in a day but it guides us towards an action that may be as small as a smile at the stranger. Transformation happens with micro tweaks where the same elements of a system are organized in a slightly different manner.


It starts with you. You begin alone. You begin to create ripples that excite others. Innovations happen at intersections and interactions. We all have the power to change the world and when we begin, we empower others too.

We experiment to change and change to empower. How are you experimenting to change the world exponentially?


It is easy to find faults in the given, even easier to skip it! But do you reach beyond the given to carve the new? Have you reached beyond the given resources to think and device alternative solutions no one has thought about?


Stories change us and make us. Stories surround us. Stories are in and around us. Our quest for stories of change design has begun. We look for stories big and small, stories that bring the principles of positive “SHIFT” in the world. What has been your story of SHIFT? How are you changing the world? How has an organization that you know or heard of made a SHIFT? How has someone else’s SHIFT journey inspired you? Dig and dive in the principles of SHIFT to send in your favorite SHIFT story!


Changes are chaotic comforts. Changes are small things making a BIG difference!