Social and Behaviour Change Communication Campaign to Enhance the Nutrition Practices of Tea Plantation Workers in Assam

Located in the lush green tea gardens of Assam are thousands of tea workers that remain malnourished because of poor socio-economic status, lack of availability of diverse foods and access to information regarding nutrition. Thus, an intensive SBCC process was applied to gainfully research, design, develop and implement a combination of human centered design and SBCC intervention for improving nutrition practices among tea garden workforce in Assam with Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition in India.

With the use of research, scientific and human centered approaches; a 360 degree transmedia campaign was developed for a variety of local media to create a “New Nutrition Experience” using a human mediated digital experiential approach to SBCC.

A character led campaign, driven by “KAKI” of “My Tea Garden TV” exemplified the tone and implementation of the SBCC Program with training & capacity building of on ground staff on unique attribution techniques linked to monitoring and evaluation for measurement of change.


Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

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