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A New Way of Change Design: Research to Social Entrepreneurship

Inspired by the stories and the micro behaviours of the PD women entrepreneurs, The Change Designers developed a product line that has made research usable and made findings accessible, interesting and lucrative. The five products representing highly uncommon PD micro behaviors practiced by PD women entrepreneurs in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India echo loudly, small actions make a BIG difference.

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1. My Personal Ledger – Hisaab Ki Kitaab: My Book of Accounts

‘Hisaab Ki Kitaab’ talks of ‘making a written note’ of the daily expenses or income. Positive deviant women entrepreneurs in rural India ‘scribble success’ by noting down their daily account of income and expenditure in their personal ledger ‘hisaab ki kitaab’. This product is designed in traditional Uttar Pradesh handloom motifs with its colors scheme and patterns adding to the charm. The multiplicity and organization of articles like that of a pen, ruler and sticky notes, well consolidated within the notebook itself make it attractive. It is a perfect product for all entrepreneurs to keep a daily account, a behavior highly uncommon but intuitive and effective.


The Positive Deviance approach to social change helps to discover hidden solutions to complex problems that exist within the community. The approach believes that there exist in every community those who have found extraordinary solutions to complex problems, against all odds. The discovered solutions are usually affordable, adaptable and sustainable.

2. Challenge the Challenges – Kar Ke Dikhaungi: My Book of Achievements

‘My Book Of Achievements’ is the manifestation of a woman’s resilience to societal agony and defiance. The front cover adorns the sentiment of “I will do it” and the back cover proudly boasts “I did it!” with each page beholding the saga of the road to success, challenging the challenges, fulfilling the unfulfilled dreams and recording success as ‘I did it’. The diary holds a palpable sense of belongingness and self-admiration, much needed during a journey that is to be accomplished.


3. Blowing My Own Trumpet- Meri Khud ki Advertisement: My Card Holder 

Celebrating selfhood and creating an identity brings along appreciation and acknowledgement. The distinctive ‘Meri Khud Ki Advertisement’ (My own advertisement) cardholder lauds the person’s profession, inspiring the beauty of his/her profession. The cardholder explicitly manifests a woman’s micro PD behavior of having a sign outside her business with her name on it signifying her own advertisement. This product magnifies the act of promoting the business profoundly, the desire for people to recognize the business, become the talk of the town.

4. My Business Brims Over A Hot Cup Of Gossip- Chai Ka Bulawa: Tea anyone?

Sipping tea (or coffee) with customers is central to businesses. The cup signifies extended invitations, engaged conversations beyond products and welcoming customers time and again. The mug applauds the PD behaviors of invitations, entertainment, and conversations to keep the pool of ideas growing for the women entrepreneurs. The cup is symbolic to audiences who brew business conversations over tea, coffee and gossip.


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