Social and Behaviour Change Communication Strategy and Campaign for Promotion of Double Fortified Salt

The Change Designers in partnership with Nutrition International (formerly known as ‘Micronutrient Initiative, Ottawa, Canada) ¬†designed and developed a context specific Social and Behavior Change Communication strategy and an extensive multi media communication campaign for the promotion of Double Fortified Salt project (DFS) aimed at increasing awareness on benefits of consuming DFS among the target population in Madhya Pradesh. An innovative participatory human centred design process was undertaken with all the stakeholders in MP.¬†¬†Further, The Change Designers trained the implementing partners on the use of the communication package, strategy and use of participatory techniques for community engagement.

*Madhya Pradesh government with Technical partners, Nutrition International are launching the Double Fortified Salt (DFS), fortified with iron and iodine, in 5 districts of the state in Madhya Pradesh namely, Jhabua, Alirajpur, Badwani, Dhar and Khargone. DFS will be available at Public Distribution Shops/Fair Price Shops to Below Poverty Line Families at Re. 1 per kg per month, per family.

The overall goal of the intervention is to bring down anemia levels, which is a major health problem in the state. Nearly, 55% of all women between the ages of 15-49 years are anemic, while 69% children between the ages 6-59 months are anemic (NFHS IV).


Nutrition International