Our approaches allow us to practice deep respect for people and local solutions leading to change from the inside out!

Entertainment Education and Transmedia Storytelling

Traditionally, over the course of decades, entertainment-based formats have been to educate people around the world. The entertainment deliberately grasps the emotional side and the education rationalizes the actions taken by characters.

We at The Change Designers build a new trend of entertainment-education as a platform for movements to emerge, coupling modeling with social marketing, invitational/liberating approaches, positive deviance, and transmedia storytelling to create rippling changes in a system through narratives. Trust us, stories create stories!

Entertainment-Education offers two levels of changes first, at the individual level, where the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors may be changed. Second, at the systemic level, where necessary conditions are created for change to occur (Singhal& Rogers, 1999, 2004). We bring the two together!

Positive Deviance Approach to Social Change

In a community, some stories are heard more than the others, right? These stories represent ‘norms’, ‘average behaviors’ and ‘habits’ of people. Recently, the practice of development has also started looking for stories of success and boxing the behaviors in a pretty ribbon called “best practices” that make people successful for example in a system or in other cases we ask and look for what’s the problem and “what is not working”.
We flip the narrative, We ask a different question.

What is working for whom it shouldn’t be working? Who is successful against all odds? And HOW?

Positive Deviance is a data-driven, asset-based approach to social change and problem solving that believes that in every community there are certain individuals or groups aka the positive deviants, whose uncommon successful behaviors or strategies enable them to find better solutions to a problem than their peers. These individuals or groups have access to the same resources as others and face exactly the same challenges as others or more but their micro-behaviors make them achieve better outcomes than the other!

We use the positive deviant mindset to look for solutions, assets and already existing wisdom as the starting point for people to become ambassadors of their own change.

Read more about Positive Deviance Approach to Social Change at www.positivedeviance.org  and  Uncovering Innovations that are invisible in plain sight by Dr. Arvind Singhal 

Liberating Structures and Design Thinking

Change is a matter of emergence, where every part of the system is as important as the other. Traditionally, leaders assume the role of decision makers and inspire action in their communities and/or teams. However, following traditional methods of community and change management, little is achieved.

We at The Change Designers use liberating structures, techniques that are simple microstructures and design thinking to include everyone, bring in people’s wisdom and stories and stir the pot of innovation. Thus rightfully highlighting the practice of disruptive innovation in complex systems harnessing intrinsic energies and resources. We craft critical change design on the principles of emergence, adaptability, dispersed wisdom and realization of individual & group potentials so that ‘change’ never feels like an extra job to do!
Read more at www.liberatingstructures.com