We, The Change Designers, were born on

December 21, 2016.

It began with questions and curiosity and some inspiration from the science of complexity and design thinking. We design change (not the other way around), believing that change is not linear, but a cyclical process that requires adaptation, facilitation, and tweaking it at macro & micro level. It is not what we do, but how we do it, that makes us different!
We believe in creating ripples of change all around us.



The Change Designers was launched on December 21, 2016 with ‘Small things make a BIG Difference’, an exclusive workshop on Communication for Social Change, facilitated by Dr. Arvind Singhal, Ph.D., Samuel Shirley and Edna Holt Marston Endowed Professor, Department of Communication, The University of Texas at El Paso, USA.

A three-hour interactive workshop using innovative design change mechanisms, liberating structures, allowed participants to engage in powerful conversations, share stories of social change, and fathom the importance of creating ripples of change within systems without changing the system. The takeaway of the workshop was how small tweaks, initiatives, efforts and changes can create a big difference. After all, this power to create change lies inside all of us, making us all THE CHANGE DESIGNERS.

Well wishers of The Change Designers in attendance at ‘Small Things Make A Big Difference Workshop’.