Anu Sachdev is a practitioner of narrative based social change strategies specializing in transmedia campaigns, Entertainment Education, Human-Centered Design and complexity science approaches to social change. She has international experience and expertise in design, production, implementation and extensive monitoring & evaluation for social change programs.

Internationally, Anu has extensive experience of working in  South Asia, West and Central Africa, Latin America, USA, UK and India. She has worked on multi country programs funded by international agencies such as USAID, UN and Wildlife Conservation Society among others on climate change, biodiversity conservation, education, health and nutrition. She has designed over 30 interventions on a variety of health, environment and social justice areas for social development. In India, her  experience of working spans to seven states-Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi & Maharashtra on solving complex social and behavioral issues through communication. Her skills lie in large scale communication strategy & campaign design, management, implementation, documentation of best practices, and capacity building of stakeholders.

Anu earned two masters’ degrees from the University of Delhi and University of Texas in communication for social change strategies and complexity -inspired change management. She is also a graduate in ‘Social Impact Strategy’ from Center for Social Impact Strategy at University of Pennsylvania. Anu has worked with organizations such as PCI Media, New York; University of Texas at El Paso; Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs; Breakthrough; Population Foundation of India amongst others.

Anu is passionate about telling & listening to stories, always in action and never forgets to smile. Always ready for a cup of chai! 


Pallavi Jain is a passionate communicator and storyteller specializing in social, organizational and behavioural change strategies of Entertainment-Education, Positive Deviance and Design Thinking. Her expertise lies in Research & Development, Program Design & Implementation and Human-Centered Design. She has vast international experience in creating large scale campaigns and strategies for social change and corporate communication.

Pallavi’s research and outreach spans sectors such as Health & Quality Assurance, Nutrition, Environment & Sustainability, Women Entrepreneurship, Road Safety, Education, Organisational Change and Training & Capacity Development amongst others. She has extensive experience of working in several states in India such as Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Haryana and New Delhi. She has also worked on several programs in West African countries and Timor Leste. Pallavi has worked on large scale programs to build sustainable solutions to complex social problems with clients such as Nutrition International, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Population Foundation of India (PFI), SaveLIFE Foundation, USAID, FICCI and many more. She successfully led ThinkBig 2016, Asia’s largest women entrepreneurship summit with the Government of Karnataka.    

Pallavi earned her dual masters’ degrees in communication from London School of Economics & Political Science and Annenberg School of Communication at University of Southern California. She also completed her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University and was selected as a Rajeev Circle Fellow in 2018, Palo Alto. She has previously worked with organisations such as Thinkthrough Consulting Pvt. Ltd, WEConnect International and PCI Media.

Pallavi believes that the education she received is both, her privilege and burden, and till the time she doesn’t use it as a means to bring about a difference, her purpose would not be fulfilled.

Always ready to support new ideas & innovations!