Our Story

We are for-purpose storytellers creating impactful immersive containers to elicit engagement and action from audience. Our mission is to partner with organizations to generate and produce innovative and evidence based communication & change mechanisms that enable communities to grow from the inside-out!

We are The Change Designers

We work inside-out, bottom-up, to design change and not change the design.

It is easy to say that the system is dysfunctional or the system needs to change, however in the wake of development and change around the world, interventions and policies are thrown at people without a sense of what change means to people. We, at The Change Designers, practice that change is a process of people, of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Memorandums, powerpoints, excel sheets do not bring change, people do!  We focus on people, relationships and their behaviors, and we facilitate change step by step, leading the change design process and not changing the design.

We believe that the most interesting discoveries extend beyond the realms of ideal systems and distant from the simplifications arising within typical experiments. Our purpose is to move people to do new things, try out new behaviors and create new stories for themselves. We inspire people to act their way into a new way of thinking and storytelling provides us with a powerful tool to design change.

Comfort with chaos and the possibility of small things making a BIG difference excites us!