‘Assam Needs Support’: An Effort to Rejuvenate Yourself While Rebuilding Assam

We seek to draw your attention to Assam and support it. It’s Urgent.

The floods have so far claimed more than 100 lives and displaced nearly 50 lakh people in 26 districts of the state. Nearly 90 percent of the Kaziranga National Park is submerged in deep waters. People have lost everything.

Having worked in the lush green tea gardens of Assam on nutrition with Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, we have experienced the beauty of the state, the culture, food, people and the warmth. However, every year floods disrupt life in Assam and this year more than ever.

While the pandemic continues to spread, Assam is now under additional stress with the floods. With no services in place and now not even their homes or basic food, Assam faces deep threats. Are we going to let them die?

What We Can Do?

The Change Designers’ Spotlight series aims to learn new skills and innovations with you while we support and share on ground change makers and organizations that are relentlessly working to help those who are otherwise forgotten. We need to put the spotlight on Assam NOW. Assam needs SUPPORT.

We are supporting NEADS. Rs. 600 feeds a family for a week.

All the funds raised from this workshop will go to North-East Affected Area Development Society (NEADS), a Jorhat based grassroot development organization responding to the current humanitarian crisis in districts including Jorhat, Majuli, Golaghat and Karimganj in a range of support. They provide immediate relief aid of hygiene kit, shelter kit and food packets and are also working on the long-term rehabilitation plans to establish normalcy in the community.

Support Assam

Please participate and donate generously to contribute to feeding families who don’t have means to feed themselves right now. We hope you will consider giving life to someone.

How To Engage?   


Participate at the Breathing and Visualization Session by The Change Designers facilitated by Mindhouse on July 24, 5-6pm on zoom. Use this hour to unwind and relieve stress through visualization techniques. The effective visual storyline will help you de-clutter your mind, calm down and re-energize. Regularly practicing the visualization techniques learned during this workshop can help you manage stress effectively. It will also improve your breathing and sleeping patterns.

* This collaboration with Mindhouse is to support and raise funds to help flood affected communities from Assam.

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