What’s The Fuss?!- An Online Drama (Improv) Workshop for 18-21 year olds

About the Workshop: During this workshop, a comedy theatrical technique called “Improv” will be used to gather performance and learn skills for developing and maintaining healthy relationships. This workshop is tailor-made for 18-21 year olds who want to learn negotiation, communication, decision-making and confidence skills to effectively form good relationships with their peers and partners. This 2 hour fun workshop will include acting, performance, exercises and management of self techniques. No prior skill or experience required.


Improv workshop on healthy relationships and sexual health

About the Method: Improv Prototyping is a creative, generative and liberating process that combines elements of improvisational theatre with sequential prototyping, uncovering and overcoming implementation challenges in order to develop new solutions to sustainably address a complex social problem.


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