Air Needs Care: AWARE and BEWARE

 Today, 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air resulting in the death of 7 million people every year. This invisible killer is silently becoming one of the leading causes of high mortality rate and is lurking all around us, preying on both the young and the old. 24% of all stroke deaths, 29% of deaths from lung cancer, 29% of deaths from lung diseases and 25% of deaths from heart diseases are all attributed to air pollution. Thus, it can now be rightfully said that air pollution is a dreaded enemy to our health now and India leads the pack with having maximum number of pollution linked deaths.

As New Delhi along with other cities in India is turning into a gas chamber, there is no respite with the increasing number of vehicles on the road, annual crop burning in the neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana, industrial smoke emission, garbage burning, etc. As the air quality is progressively worsening in Delhi and many cities alike, a graded response to defeating this demon have already been triggered.

For every problem, there is a solution, only if we start off with the solution now!

For us to get rid off the pollution woes and stop it from silently engulfing us, conscious actions have to be taken at the systemic level as well as an individual level. At the government level, even though initiations such as Odd-Even vehicle restriction have been implemented, there is an urgent need to diligently enforce laws to reduce air pollution. Furthermore, there is a need to plug in people’s lack of knowledge, awareness levels, facilities and expert advise in order for us to take more informed decisions. At the individual level, we can start with our bit by curbing the use of private transport, switching to carpooling, use of masks while going out, getting our vehicles pollution checked regularly, minimal use of sprays, etc.

Now, is the time we shirk off from our attitude screaming, ‘why should I step forward when none have done so far’. This is the time to take action and take everyone along with us in this movement. This is our only chance to save our planet from turning into a gas chamber. It’s the time to stay AWARE and BEWARE!


Illustrated by: Sahil Sachdeva is a final year Computer Science Engineering student at Manav Rachna University, Faridabad. He is an avid graphic designer and specializes in logo and illustration work. He firmly believes that every pressing issue requires a creative solution and is always full of witty ideas.

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