Get Ready To Say “I−know−how−to” Innovate Solutions!


An immersive workshop
led by

Arvind Singhal, Ph.D.

Samuel Shirley and Edna Holt Marston Professor of Communication
Director, Social Justice Initiative Department of Communication The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)

July 10, 2017

9:00 AM T0 6:00 PM

 India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Ticket Price: Rs. 4,000 per person (inclusive of all taxes).

This one-day intensive workshop will delve into the practice of innovative solutions for social, organizational and behavior change. As you put your knowledge and curiosity to work to tackle complex challenges, you will learn the art and practice of flipping narratives, engaging communities, and fostering inclusion. You will create a path to innovation, unveil new possibilities, and make a greater contribution for social, organizational and behavior change.

The immersive workshop will take the participants through the concepts and practices of Positive Deviance (PD); Entertainment-Education (EE) narratives; and Liberating Structures (LS) for inclusion and engagement.

The Positive Deviance Approach

Invisible in plain sight, every community has individuals, groups or institutions that find better solutions to problems than their peers whilefacing the same challenges and with the same resources. This workshop focuses on how to identify such “positive deviance” and to amplify it. Positive Deviance is a process of emergence and self-discovery of culturally appropriate solutions relevant to the community, by the community.

Entertainment-Education Narratives

Stories inspire us, teach us, move us and in doing so… they change us.

Engaging narratives and storytelling (Entertainment-Education) hold the potential to transport audiences to new worlds of possibility and action. Come explore how change can be fostered by understanding current stories and then changing them.

Liberating Interactional Structures:

Inspired by design thinking, Liberating Structures are a variety of newly developed and codified methods, practices and activities that foster lively participation, engagement and enhanced outcomes. Liberating structures put the innovative power once reserved for experts in the hands of everyone. Unlike presentations and managed discussions, which are tightly controlled, and open discussions and brainstorms, which are loose and chaotic, Liberating Structures allow all participants to be engaged and involved at all times.

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